a dilemma

Late last autumn we moved this love seat into our living room to replace a larger, vintage couch.  I've not been sorry about the decision.  However....there is a slight tear on the arm.  It's about the size of a dime.  I'm looking for suggestions on how to cover or mend it myself.  I'm open to any creative suggestions.

What would YOU do? (A new love seat is NOT an option!)


  1. Hi,lovely seat. You could look at the thrift store for cotton/linen arm covers. My Grandma always had them on her sofa when we were little(1970's).Alison

  2. Thanks, Alison....that's a possibility! We had some on the arms of a recliner and had a difficult time keeping them on....

  3. If you have some of the fabric of the cover, cut it to fit underneath and work it in. Use fabritac to hold it.

  4. My mother always had furniture with those
    arm covers. Perhaps you could make some
    in a fabric of the same color family even
    if not the exact material unless you could
    manage to get some of the material from
    the underside of the piece. I like it
    a lot.

  5. How about an appliqued shape--like a star or a heart?

  6. I like the applique idea - just wonder what shape & how to apply it....

    Also the slipcovers = but am looking for ideas to cover them a little less traditionally than the "typical" covers. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

  7. hmmm that is a good question. I am not sure it would depend on your taste. You could take a piece of fabric from the back and match it up real well or you could appliqué or put arm covers...I think the possibilities are endless lol!! thanks for asking about the water I have not had it tested yet the well guy put some bleach in it so I am letting it work itself out and then in a few days will take it in. I think the water looks better though. And I am finally starting to feel better Yippee!! ~Have a wonderful day `Love Heather

  8. Is that blue mattress ticking like material? If so I have a two cushion love seat just like it in my sunroom :-)

    I'd make one of those pocket things, long piece of material with turned up end to make pocket. It should be as wide as the arm and long enough for the non pocket end to go under the seat. Then the piece goes up and over the arm and the pocket hangs down on the outside - put the remote in the pocket, or a magazine or your knitting.

    If only I could explain myself better.


  9. Darla, I think I "get" it....and that would solve the problem of trying to keep the arm covers on!

  10. I inherited some armchairs from my Nana and the arms were quite worn. They came complete with arm covers which slipped off all the time. I tacked them on with a few stitches here and there. Now they sit perfectly.

    Taking a small amount from the back to patch would work well too. I patched a torn part of my Nana's one with a piece of extra fabric just cutting a similar shape and folding under the edges. I then used little stitches in a matching thread and handsewed on. Matching the stripes of course. If you had enough fabric from the back you could stich a long strip going over the arm so you could stitch along the stripes, this would disguise the repair more.

    I like the idea of a remote bag too. You could tack that on to keep it in place if it moved. If you wanted to wash it just cut the couple of stitches and then re-sew on.


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