works for me

OK.  I stole it from Angela.
She apparently got it from Maxine!
I tried it.
It worked for ME, too.
(I have NO idea why Angela's name above does not show up as a link,
but if you click on her name, you'll go to her blog.)
Do you have any additional "tips" for cleaning house?

Welcome, all you new fascinating followers!
I noticed you.  It's great to have you on board.


  1. Thats my kind of housework!!!

  2. OMG this is soooooooo funny!!! Love it... however I guess it would work for me... I'm too picky :(

    Thank you so much for your comment, you touched my soul...

    Have a nice weekend, dear.

  3. It works for me too!! You gotta love Maxine! And you gotta love Angie!

  4. This gave me a pleasant chuckle!

  5. Maxine is pretty funny...
    Is it a woman that writes the comic?
    Take care,
    P.S. wouldn't we really like to delete house work, then we would have more time for other things. 8-)

  6. I just learned that it is a man that is the one that does all the Maxine cartoons (blew me away,lol)...I just adore maxine..she's my kind of woman,,lol. I'm so glad we have connected through blog world. You have been a blessing..((hugs))

  7. Oh boy what a great idea that would be if only the house LOOKED clean after I hit delete.


  8. Just found your blog and it looks like I'll be coming back.
    I love your way of cleaning. In my "youth" everything needed to be in order and sparkly. Now I am older and smarter and know that it's just a house where people live.
    Angela and Maxine are funny - I delete, and yes, I'm sure I wasn't to delete all the time. Makes me feel lighter.


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