the last of the vacation finds

With the recent addition of the top one, I now have TWO plaid tins!
One more and it will be a COLLECTION.
 This footstool is in pieces now so I can reupholster the top. 
For $1, I couldn't pass it up.
This chair sat forlornly on a curb--disassembled, but all there (except maybe a tray)!  I think it wants to be painted.  We'll see...


  1. I love the chair and footstool.! Wonderful finds!

  2. Great job, Rebecca! Can't wait to see the chair all painted (house about fuschia or a sizzling lime green? Actually, I love both of those colors hee hee). You are so lucky you know how to upholster. Take care and have a super day. Susan

  3. Another great thrifting trip for you. Since you mention there may be a missing tray, I wonder if that last chair is a childs high chair.


  4. Susan, this much upholstering I can do.
    Darla, I think it IS/WAS a child's high chair.

  5. I love curb finds!!! My dad was an expert at repurposing curb finds and I have several in my home from him! Love that foot stool, can't wait to see what you do with it!


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