two newly found treasures

As soon as I saw its Pfaltzgraff mark, I knew I wanted this dish.
I scratched at the dirt & grime that covered it and saw that it would clean up.
So glad I found it.  Twenty cents.
It matches my set and I don't have this particular piece.
Another 20 cent bargain!  
"I feel that, in the heavens above
The angels whispering to one another 
Can find among their burning termz of love
None so devotional as that of Mother."


  1. Nice finds, Rebecca. Wow. 20 cents each is a steal. I never find anthing "that" cheap. Good for you. Susan

  2. You have the eye!
    I want to shop with you! I don't think there is anyplace around here with such great prices.
    Thanks for following my blog, Rebecca.
    I will follow yours too!

  3. Hi my dear-what gorgeous finds, they are amazing bargains indeed! Thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes regarding my new venture, they are sincerely appreciated! Hope you are having a good week too and thanks once again xxx

  4. I KNOW the 20 cents sounds too fantastic to believe, but I take several items up to the counter, they give me a price. Then I divide the total by the # of items and figure 20 cents @!

  5. Oh very nice enjoy your new treasures. I love seeing what you find ~Love Heather

  6. I would have paid far more for the Pfalztgraff piece! A real treasure!

  7. Your usual great thrifting finds. The plate is lovely but it is the framed poem that tugs at my heart.


  8. What is the name of your Pfaltzgraff collection? I collect Yorktowne...have many many pieces, almost all thrifted...and I use them as my "everyday" dishes now.


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