Better than Starbucks

 For less than a cup of coffee
 I satisfied myself with some thrift store shopping this morning!
I'm thinking I'll paint the sunburst with a bright color
and add it to the side of our shed.
 I was surprised to find this vintage toy in such great condition AND in its original box!
 But by far, my greatest excitement was over this vintage fabric!
 It actually was one panel of a drapery with pleats at the top.
I removed the pleats, cut it carefully down the center, stitched up the edge,
and created a pocket for the free shower curtain rod I'm using here above our kitchen sink!
I've been searching for just the right fabric at just the right price
for quite awhile.  This works just fine!


  1. Give me charity shop bargains over an over-inflated cup of coffee any day! Those curtains are gorgeous and that Twirlograph looks like the Spirograph game I used to play with in the 1960s, you'll have hours of fun getting creative with that! x

  2. Wow you found some great stuff!! I love Madeline and the curtains turned out super cute!! Love Heather

  3. As usual, you found so many treasures! Love those curtains. We are helping son build fence in Wichita. A hot job but hubby likes work. I make the iced tea. Hope to make some thrift excursions while here...

  4. I look forward to your thrifting trips. What a great book and those curtains look perfect. Once again I am amazed at what a good shopper you are.


    1. The book is just paperback and not in the best of shape, but I ♥ Madeline and ALL her adventures :)

  5. That Twirlograph brought back some good memories. I went to a few garage sales today and to the Salvation army. I found a aggravation game for 25 cents and am sure I will get a million dollars worth of fun from it with the grands. I also found a moose painted on a piece of slate for 99 cents to leave as a surprise blessing on a back road. Seems like we both had good days thrifting. The vintage fabric is the frosting on the pretty on your window.

  6. I enjoy playing Aggravation - which is well-named, by the way!

    That piece of slate will be a GREAT surprise for someone! You are amazing.

  7. Love those curtains, and, being a children's book lover, I think Madeline books are fantastic. Great finds.

    I told you I was going shopping for treasures. I got some salt and pepper shakers that look like mason jars, a tiny grand piano for my Christmas tree, and a china cup and saucer for same. Unfortunately, my prices were a "bit" higher than yours. Still we had fun.

    1. What wonderful finds! I have a small collection of pianos.....I used to give more piano lessons than I currently do. The S&P shakers sound sweet, too.


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