It Made My Day

 It keeps getting BETTER...
 and BETTER...
 and BETTER!
 The details on these pieces are amazing.
 The three flat surfaces have glass cut to fit them -- curves and all.
 A quality single (used) boxspring and mattress complete the set.
Unfortunately,the set turns out to be  too large for our small guest room.
So, I'm hoping to help pay off the last little bit of our mortgage
with the sale of this incredibly gorgeous set.


  1. Yea to just about paying off your mortgage. I love your paint by number side panels on this blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Since the drawer reads "The La Fayette", I'm leaning toward French. (I'm not very "up" on styles, but this is quite ornate, don't you think???)

  3. Oh I love the finish on these pieces! They are gorgeous!

  4. What an incredible set! I wish I lived near you!

  5. Gorgeousness...You must have been terribly disappointed to find it wouldn't fit in your room.

  6. WoW..can you knock out a wall? :)

  7. I Love this style of is a great seller! I think it's
    a great way to pay off your exciting!


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