Friday's Foray

 Yesterday's forays found me hunting....
 and gathering;
 shining and polishing.
 Even when I don't find that much,
 I return home 
happy and content.
For the scoop on the birdbath below,
and so much MORE, click on the picture!


  1. The wooden bowl is a special the birdbath and it is just right there! Your forays are making me have wanderlust....

  2. The bowl is cool...lots of uses for it. I also come home content, even if I have one tiny little found treasure.

  3. Nice finds, Rebecca. The wooden bowl is especially lovely. Nice for a big green salad. Susan

  4. Even if I just find one small Treasure or Photograph a bunch of Treasures I couldn't bring Home I'm usually quite Content. The Thrill of the Hunt is what drives me I suppose... the Possibility that I COULD Discover something Special! *Winks* You had me Smiling at your Response to my Procrastination Post... so I'll Thank You now. *LOL* Actually The Man and I are like Ying & Yang, we're such total opposites and though that can drive each of us a bit twitchy at times, being opposites I Believe Compliments and Completes each other. I don't know that I could actually Live with a mirror Image of myself anyways... *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Another wonderful wooden bowl to add to your collection. Now I have to go figure out what the bird bath is all about.


  6. Hi Rebecca, You had a great day finding those lovely things.
    Hugs, cindy

  7. Even on a bad day, you run rings around my flea market shopping. I'm going "hunting" tomorrow with a friend. Wish me well.

  8. The wooden bowl couldn't be more beautiful!


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