It's a Bell

It's a bell,
and it's heavy.
I know I "found" it in the past 2 weeks,
but I've forgotten where and for how much.
Forgetting seems to be a pattern with me lately.
I'm not sure that it's time to seek medical evaluation however.
The recent storms and disruptions to life have contributed
to my situation, I think.
Here's my question.
Do YOU know what the little holders just above the bell's base are for?
Do you suppose they held a gonger-thingie?
If so, do you think it would have been a metal gonger-thingie?


  1. What a grand piece! Yes and yes. I think it would have had a gong, probably metal. But put hubby to work! I think a wooden one would work just as well because my guess is you would use it more for looks than gonging. It could be wooden I think...if hubby can turn a knob, he could make a gong. If not, how about a dowel and a purchased wooden ball or maybe a wooden end piece from a drapery rod. I just know hubby can conquer this for you.

    Oh, and there is a LOT of that forgetfulness around these days so don't worry about it. Have a good Friday.

  2. Rebecca...

    Nice bell. Very unique. I do believe you are correct that the holders were for a metal gonger thingie. Maybe it was out near a pasture, for the cows or something? Anyway, nice piece. Susan p.s. Don't worry about being forgetful. Heard you guys were having a pretty bad heat wave and that would definitely make ME forget things. The years in Arizona just about did me in. ha ha ha

  3. I have not seen a bell like this one...all I know it looks like it held something:) If the heat stays around much longer I fear brain damage for all of us. :(

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    That's a great find.
    I would guess it is for a gong ringer too?

    I am right there with you.... forgetting things too a LOT!



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