Face Lift

At a garage sale today, I found the small vintage print above.
I thought the colors would look fine near my "new" kitchen curtains.
It set me back a WHOLE dime, by the way!
 I had purchased this vintage lamp shade some time ago.
 It was printed in shades of blue, and since I was phasing out some of the blue in our kitchen....
I took some markers and began coloring in the flowers in colors 
that would look OK with the curtains.
 I'm happy with the result!
 Slowly but surely, I'm changing the face of our kitchen.


  1. Amazing on that lampshade!
    I might not get to trift stores on this outing...hubby working at dawn and then drops in afternoon. We went to bookstore for lunch today and after canceled more.He was tired but it was also 107 outside....just not pleasant to get out in this stuff!!! Kansas has severe drought added to heat...it sounds like the Dust Bowl again...

    1. It IS a pretty widespread drought, I think. Our son was born in 1974. We were in Hays, KS living in the top floor of some student housing at the FHKSU campus. It was very hot that summer, too. How well I remember!

  2. I love the kitchen curtain fabric .. almost looks like bark cloth. Very nice finds!

    1. I'm pretty sure it IS bark cloth (although it does have a thin, almost rubbery lining--something I don't usually find on bark cloth).

  3. Very creative, Rebecca. That's a unique shade! Good job on finding the bargains! Susan

  4. It's always fun, although it can be daunting too, changing things around. That print is great for 10 cents, and that lamp shade is wonderful.

    As an aside, no the caravan isn't finished yet. It's still a work in progress. We've still got ideas rolling around in our heads. :-)

    I'll keep posting pictures as we go along.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. Morning Rebecca,
    Love how your curtains came out, they look very pretty, I have roses and flowers on my curtains too. Love floral fabric!
    Your new picture is beautiful and will go well with your curtains.
    Fun to change things up a bit every once in awhile. That was also a very neat lampshade and a great idea to color the flowers with markers..........see you have a lot of creativity!!

    I wanted to thank you for the sweet things you said when you came by yesterday, that blessed my heart so much, so thanks for being such an encourager.............

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  6. A 10 cent picture...that is almost a freebie :) That was creative thinking with the shade...it turned out well.

  7. I KNOW, Dee! That's what I thought. TODAY I stumbled on a sale that had kids' clothes for a dime, too. I got on the phone and asked my daughter what her children could use! Found some little boy slacks/pants. Usually boys wear their clothes out, but these were in great shape!

  8. Clever fix on the lampshade. Phasing out the blue? Just box it up and mail it to me!


    1. Well, I'm actually concentrating the blue in the dining part of the kitchen. So....it's not a TOTAL phase out. And if I'd found vintage BLUE curtains to hang over the sink, I probably would have. But I've been looking and looking ....and when I found these, I decided to just DO it.

  9. I thought it looked like Bark Cloth also... so, the rose patterned curtains are gone and now the blue print? Both look very nice.


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