These two photos could be titled "Aftermath".
They show a little bit of what followed
a successful Ladies' Tea at our church last Saturday.
My tablecloths (above) were only a few of those incorporated in the table coverings.
And the snack trays & cups  (below) were what I loaned 
to help provide place settings for about 70 ladies.
Of course, all of these items were thrift store finds for me
so when I dropped a stack of the snack trays, I wasn't out too much $$$ when
four of them broke on our driveway...!
It isn't necessary to spend huge sums of money to set attractive tables
at home or for special events such as this was...


  1. Hope the tea was lovely....

  2. Rebecca with all those lovely table clothes, that table could not have been anything but beautiful!

  3. Is there anything better than old tablecloths and old china or glass? No, I don't think so.



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