outdoor thrift

 If you've visited my other blogs recently, this one may seem a little repetitious...
 but we've been spending a lot of time in our yard this spring!
My husband (alerted by my sister) picked up some picket fencing
that was trashed in her addition.
 For "free" - with some elbow grease, paint and creativity - we beautified 
 several spots in our lawn.
 The fence was a perfect place to hang this rusty wreath.
made from old, rusty bed springs.
 My husband repaired and re-hung this old, wooden swing we found at a garage sale
 or auction many years ago.  It will be ready for our youngest grandchild who will
 visit us this weekend!
One of my favorite projects was finding the "perfect place"
to hang this mirror which had been laying around
waiting to be purposed.  This, I believe, is where it belongs!
I'm a strong proponent of Outdoor Thrift - as you can see.


  1. There is nothing like repurposing 'freebies'. You have done great with your finds and they add delight to your gardens.


  2. There is something about a white picket fence that is so charming. I like how you have used yours.


  3. oh how fabulous! I love that fencing - what a great find and what a great uses, too.


  4. Your yard is looking lovely! Enjoy all those found treasures love Heather

  5. Love the picket fencing, Rebecca. That was a super find. Like the mirror, too. Love the way everything is coming together. Susan

  6. Whoa, so clever on those steps! Yes, and love the mirror. Right now, our outside stuff is hunkering down, waiting for calm days. Such carnage everywhere and no end in sight. The weather makes me feel like a hunted animal!

    1. Oh, Bookie! I can't imagine. I'm SO sorry.

  7. Oh, I LOVE what you've done! It looks so classy.

  8. Everything looks so delightful. I'd love to sit in your yard with you and have a heart-to-heart.

  9. I love where you've used the picket fence, it's really pretty and looks great everywhere. I also like for outdoor decor to be pretty but thrifty. Have fun with your grands!
    Hugs, cindy


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