how sweet it is!

 I recruited one of my white pitchers to hold the sweet-smelling
 lily-of-the-valley plucked from one of our flower beds this morning.
I'm wearing my $1 (thrifted) "hot coffee" tee shirt 
and accessorizing with several brown bracelets (also thrifted).
 I'm wishing for an inexpensive record-player (an old fashioned one)
to play these vintage LPs...
 only a few of a stack of freebies I claimed from a curbside treasure trove!
How sweet it IS!


  1. Oh, don't you just love lily of the valley, Rebecca? I remember picking it as a child. It's a beautiful little flower and i agree the smell is divine. Susan

  2. The lily of the valley in the pitcher is really pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I love Lily of the Valley! I love how it looks and the scent. I never did grow it while in Ohio and it doesn't grow here in Florida so I'm just going to enjoy yours! Thanks!

    1. I wish there was a way to transmit the sweet scent down to you, Jeanne :)

  4. I love Guy and a few records of both...

  5. Two Christmases ago we got an early present for ourselves at a local pawn shop: one of those antique looking turntable/radio/cd players. I wish we'd gotten one that also had a cassette tape deck but no such critter. However the radio cost less than 1/4 what it sold for in stores and we enjoy it a great deal. I have several of my mom's vintage records (although all the albums I listened to in my youth are vintage now too, lol) and we really enjoy listening to them.


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