flowers in fabric

 I thought it might be fascinating to "collect" all the floral fabric patterns
 in the dining area of our kitchen/dining room.
 You'll probably agree it is "fascinating"!
(A polite word that can mean MANY things.)
 Pillows, hooked rugs,
 the upholstery on chair seats,
 and even a rag doll...
somehow it all works for me
though by looking at it here, I have NO idea how!


  1. I agree that is quite a mix and it amazing you made them work together. I do love that first fabric best though! That room must be like walking into a garden!

  2. That's what I call bringing the outside in! Nothing like flowers to give us a lift. Susan

  3. I saw your pretty pillow on my blog preview pictures. I love your idea. You can't have too many flowers.

  4. Mother Nature puts all kinds of flowers together so why not you? I think it must be very cheerful to be surrounded by flowers.



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