i stumbled....

 I never made it to my intended destination yesterday,
because on the way I stumbled upon a garage sale.
I couldn't resist these items.  So, with the trunk of my car raised
to accommodate the  large wooden box,
I decided it was best to return home.
And look what I stumbled on in the Thrifty Food Department!
I found these leg quarters reduced and well within the expiration date.
 I brought them home, stuck 'em in the crock pot with a tiny bit of water,
salt and pepper, and cooked slowly for 8 hours.
 I removed the skin and the meat fell off the bones.
I skimmed the fat off the broth and will cook noodles in it
and serve with some creamed chicken today.
Then I think I'll make a loaf of buttermilk/oatmeal bread
and enjoy some cold chicken sandwiches (which I love) tomorrow.
What have YOU stumbled on lately?


  1. Well, certainly nothing as lovely as your finds. And that's quite a deal on the chicken. My mouth is watering reading the description of your recipes. Yum! I love cold chicken or turkey sandwiches, too.

  2. Great way to have your plans derailed! What will you plan for the box? Love the BLUE bowl.

    1. Who KNOWS (what we'll do with the box)? Maybe sell it if we can? I DO have another box or two....

  3. Great finds Rebecca. Great price on the chicken too. Cooking chicken in the crockpot is oh so nice.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Those were good things (and chicken) to stumble upon, Rebecca. Wonder what your hubs will do with the box. Maybe it is a nice wood underneath.

    I stumbled upon a large angel that is destined for the backyard. Will post about her eventually, when my idea for her comes into fruition.

    Take care and have a wonderful Saturday! Susan

    1. I don't think the wood is anything "special"....but it will make a neat toy/storage box - either left chippy or painted.

      And OH! I'm quite jealous over that large angel. Can't wait to see it.

  5. More great finds. Thanks for the Moon to Moon link. I visited and am hooked. I may get lost in the archives there.



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