stocking my (imaginary) shoppe

 Cleaning out a cupboard today,
 I ran across a small collection.
 Looking closely at these pieces, I understand why they caught my eye
in the thrift store a few years ago.
 I'm just not sure what to do with them.
In the past, I used to buy things as if I were stocking a shop.
(I think I would have called it a shoppe if it had ever materialized....)

Have YOU ever shopped for an imaginary shoppe????


  1. Yes, yes, yes... and I've still got it... when my husband quit his lawn mower service in the back yard, I told him we needed to clean it out and place all our collections out there... ha ha

    So far he has not taken hardly anything out of his shop so all my "stuff" is still in the closets, under the bed, and every where else.

  2. No - I have a real one! A perfect excuse to collect stuff and go shopping guilt free! x

    1. And how I'd love to do just that - collect stuff & shop guilt free :)

  3. Hi Rebecca...If we put YOUR imaginary shop and MY imaginary shop together, we'd have a heck of a good REAL shop!

    I do it all the time, for my imaginary shop. Got to stop, though. Have to de-clutter. hahaha Susan

  4. Oh my word, your collection is gorgeous! I wouldn't care, shop or not, I would have wanted those pieces too! Have a blessed Mother's Day, lovely lady.

  5. I don't shop for an imaginary shoppe, but I do often dream of having one. I still think I could have a shoppe like the one that one of my blog friends has in New Brunswick. Wouldn't it be fun!?

  6. I SORT OF do that. But mine isn't QUITE a shoppe, it's a museum for which I would charge admission.


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