memorial day - keeping it simple

 Napkins purchased after a holiday last year...
 a hanging patriotic plaque - found in a free box at a garage sale...
 pasta salad made with tuna, veggies I had on hand (yellow peppers, peas, onioin),
 bound with mayo, and chilling in a thrifted vintage bowl...
a vintage canister that sits year 'round on my kitchen counter.
Memorial Day will be low key around here.
We spent some time Saturday with one of our daughters and her family,
had guests for dinner after church yesterday,
and made no plans for today.
So, when we woke up to rain this morning, 
I decided pasta salad would be just fine
(and hubby agreed).
There are plenty of projects to keep us busy, and if the rain stops
we may take a walk.... 
 I'm wearing a necklace & bracelet constructed from seed beads
in a summer camp "craft shack" over ten years ago.  
Every once in awhile I bring them out for the good memories...


  1. Low key here too. Spoke on the phone with my family in Oregon and they took flowers and visited cemeteries yesterday. That is something I remember doing with them as a child.


  2. Yesterday here was total quiet all day! Rarely happens. Lovely. Am hoping for same or similar today. Haven't thought of lunch yet. Enjoy your peaceful day. So far no rain here yet.

  3. I love that pretty red striped t-shirt and goes well with the necklease and brasalet, too. I went away for the weekend to a Bil's country home and had a great time, right after making the dinner party, so this was a great break. Have a blessed week, sweet lady.

  4. Your patriotic heart is lovely, I like that kind of decoration. And your old canister is wonderful, too. I love pasta salad, now that warm weather is back, I need to make some.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. I am loving the old cannister, and I often too buy Christmas napkins in January and then sit on them for 12months. Its such a money saver! Great blog!


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