big trash day

 When rumors of Big Trash Day in a neighboring small town crossed our radar,
hubby and I headed out just as the sun was rising this morning.
Apparently we were a little late!
The garbage truck had already been through one section of town;
trash cans stood empty with their lids flapping behind them.
These two items were all we could scrounge up.
I'm not complaining.  I've already cleaned the four cushions which will
work just fine on a few chairs I have.
The vintage telephone desk will take a little more work.
Someone must have cut a hole in the top to use as a planter.
Since I don't "plant", I'll have to figure out a creative way to treat it.
Any ideas?


  1. oh that find is great! I can't wait to see how it turns out

  2. I see this painted white...the seat done in blue and white toile fabric...and the hole with cobalt blue shallow bowl sunk in the hole somewhat and then filled with...let me think some more...:)

    1. I LIKE the way you think, Claudia! The bowl could be a place to toss keys, coins, and other pocket paraphernalia, etc.

  3. You'll do fine with that phone table/chair. You could always have your husband cut another top to fit, that is solid to have a whole surface.

    Happy curbside shopping ~ FlowerLady

    1. Yes, I could! (Didn't even think of that. Especially since it will probably need to be painted.)

  4. Interesting phone table, I've never seen one with a rounded table part - only square. Like both of the suggestions you were already given.


  5. I really like the print on the cushions...I would have retrieved them myself. I look forward to what creative idea you and Gary come up with for the telephone table.

  6. You did well, Rebecca, I might put a bowl of fruit in the middle of the telephone table, or put a flower arrangement there, or fill a bowl with vintage items and put it there...I know you will find something useful to do with it. It's a really nice old table, isn't it!


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