thimbles, threads and tools of the trade

 You'll see that it has been difficult for me to pass up a good buy on used sewing baskets!
 Most have come with an assortment of sewing supplies.
My mother visited me yesterday, and we spent a few hours sorting...
 and trying to tie up the loose ends of a tangled mess of threads.
 What to do with the assortment?
I have NO idea.
They're still sitting in the wooden bowls I separated them into.
I seldom sew, but the presence of ample supplies seems to bring me some sort of satisfaction...
...more tools of the trade...


  1. Hi my dear! Yes you have some lovely sewing boxes, they always come in handy- I am not a talented sewer but its nice to have a choice of thread to hand!!

  2. Although this is not something I would collect, I have to admire your collection of sewing stuff! At one time I gathered weaving shuttles and such...but lost interest in that.

    1. I'm not sure it's something I would collect either ) I have lost interest in it but feel some responsibility to at least sort it out!

      I DID use some carpet thread I found to repair the binding on a hooked rug that had come loose. I guess that's ONE good outcome of my Sorting Adventure.

  3. I don't sew much either but there is something about old sewing supplies that I like, especially when they come in fancy baskets.


  4. I love having sewing notions in my sewing room, even though I know I won't use some of them, it is a good feeling to know that they're there if I should need them.
    Thank you for stopping by today, I have not been able to visit lately and I feel bad, but I am here today!
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. Wow. I'm impressed. I've been hunting for a "proper" sewing basked but am having no luck. Right now, my sewing supplies live in an assortment of old shortbread tins!

    Oh, I'm pretty sure my reply to your post on the frugal blog won't get published. I totally agree that the house is way more than most of us have imagined over the years. There is no way that house was ever going to be frugal to maintain.


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