garage sale

 My husband called me on his way to work alerting me to a "pretty big" garage sale.
I threw a jacket over my everyday dress (yes, it was kind of cool still)
and raced to get there.
 The portraits are really large.  He was selling them "for the frames", 
They had been done in the Philippines years ago .  The seller said he thought the artist did a good job with his wife's,
 but that he came out looking more Philippine than American!
WhatEVER!  I really, really like them.
I also purchased this large, rotating shop tray
just because I liked it.
And also this heavy, brass "sign".
My husband will pick up the $10 chest of drawers that I bought on his way home from work.
In my excitement to load the portraits, I think I may have left
a copper watering can lying on the ground.
Sure hope the sellers find it and think to give it to my husband when he stops in later!
I seldom "do" garage sales.  I'm glad I did THIS time.
 Oops.  The lost is found.  It was on the floor in the back seat of my car.


  1. Wow girl friend, you did fabulous! I love all the pieces you got and the brass hand is terrific! I can just seet it pointing at your visit bathroom, lol.. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Looks like you did well at the garage sale. Sure glad you found the copper watering can, I really like it.



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