In Lieu of Fireworks...

 I don't spend money on fireworks...
 instead, I celebrated the 4th of July eve by spending $2.56 at my Second Favorite Thrift Store.
 It's in a nearby town where my husband works out over the noon hour....
 so today I tagged along, shopped, and then we ate at a small Chinese restaurant 
in the same town.
 These were my purchases along with a large cribbage board
which I can't find at the moment.
 In addition to this large, blue plant-waterer (which have never worked for me),
I also came home with two smaller ones - blue and green.
I use them for "pretty" in our yard.
Not a thing I "needed", but some fun items that will
bring me much more pleasure than sparklers or crackers!


  1. Good thinking, Rebecca! When our kids were small, we got them to settle for cap guns that could be played with the rest of the year. As they got older we "traded" fireworks for movies, skating, etc. when possible.

  2. Happy Fourth to you, Rebecca. Glad you found some treasures. Susan

  3. Fireworks are illegal here but thrift stores are not as far as I know (grin). That cup with "the end" written inside is so cute.


  4. I once stayed in a lodge in Kentucky with a kitchenette and it had a full set of those dishes that are like your mug! I did pick up the oval serving bowl at a yard sale once! Each piece has a different picture. Love the horsey mug!!

    1. They are M.A. Hadley pieces. I've always been attracted to them. What a pleasure to have stayed in a lodge with a kitchenette STOCKED FULL of them.

  5. How fun to go thrift store shopping instead of buying fire crackers and such. I wanted to watch them on the 1st of July, but it was not meant to be. I love the glass globe things, they are very pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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