if i were buying "new"...

 Here I am - taking a picture of myself reflected in a very cool mirror
 at Real Deals Home Decor in Roanoke, IN.
(I think this MIGHT be a "chain"/franchise?????)
 If I was inclined to buy "new", I'd have to begin here for accessories!
The prices are reasonable, 
 the designs interesting and unique;
the colors exciting!
It was a fun place to spend time with a friend after lunch today,
and I gathered a few ideas for incorporating some of my
thrifted treasures into my Personal Home Decor.
(Am I the only person who does this?)


  1. We all get ideas from some place or the other; I love the ideas that you gather and incorporate, Rebecca. Enjoy!!

  2. Looks like a fun shop to visit. I am sure you gathered some inspiration there.


  3. No, no, no, no, no Rebecca. I do that all the time. I see something I like, record it into my mind, then incorporate it with what I have. Love it! Susan

  4. So many things to 'inspire' you! What a lovely shop.

  5. I do the exact same thing, my friend, that is how we gather inspiration! It does looks like a very interesting store.

  6. No, I think we all do that. I know I do. I have to say I like everything you shared here, especially the beautiful picture of the birds. That would have to come home with me if I shopped there.


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