thrifty decorating 4 the 4th

Above - a thrift store find.  Small commemorative glass tray.
Below - a wooden folk art heart.
I really thought I was more careful to write down where I stored our 4th of July 
decorations when I put them away last year.  But I seem to have forgotten WHERE I wrote it down..
 So this will have to suffice--what you see is what you get!
The t-shirt I'm wearing today was purchased last year (or the year before)
after the 4th.  $1, if I remember correctly.
(I've tucked a few blue stripes into my jean skirt, so they're not so visible;
and a bit of the glitter has washed away from the stars, etc.
but you get the gist of it....)
I decided I could tuck this flag (thrift store or garage sale purchase)
into the wreath made of old bed springs.
These hang on free shutters found curbside.
Happy Fourth of July to you!
It couldn't get much thriftier here.
Getting creative with what's on hand.


  1. Fun decorations. That glass tray is a treasure.


  2. You did well with what you had at hand. I don't do much decor for the Fourth. I did stick some flags in my silk geraniums and set an Uncle Sam rooster. They will work rest of summer for Labor Day too. That is enough for me I think. Can't believe it is time for Fourth...that was always MIDDLE of summer for me on a school calendar. Enjoy your holiday.

    1. I don't do much either....but I specifically remember a few pieces - like a wooden flag, etc. And yes, the summer is flying by for me, too, Claudia!

  3. That tee is lovely! I love that you have so many wonderful themed decorations.

  4. I especially like the heart on the fence, Rebecca.

    Except for the American flag, I don't decorate for the fourth of July. Susan

  5. I love how you have fun decorating. It makes your home so inviting and interesting.

    1. Not as much "fun" as some people have :)

  6. Happy 4th of July! I love just putting red white and blue buttons in a dish! How creative!

  7. I love your tshirt and jean skirt, I like your thrifty decor. Hugs, Cindy

  8. I love that you forget where you put your list, lol. That is so me!


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