This is the first time I've worn this newly thrifted, wool vest...a muted blue color trimmed in navy.  It was on the 50 cent rack this week. 

I disregarded one of my  Healthy Holiday Tips by wearing this elastic-waisted navy skirt.  The burgandy top was in a plastic container on my top closet shelf.  I had forgotten that I had a whole wardrobe of knit, long-sleeved tops stored there!  I decided to wear the burgandy leg-wear that I thrifted - rounding out the outfit to be entirely from thrift stores. A gold belt (barely visible) and a gold Christmas tree pin are my simple accessories today.

These blue ornaments have been thrifted through the years
and displayed in different ways from one year to the
next.  Today they are gathered in a white flower container.


  1. Oh burgundy is such a lovely colour and paired with navy looks so well.
    You made such a nice outfit, coordinating everything, but not being too matchy matchy because of the different shades. That pin is so cute.
    The Christmas ornament is pretty.

    Thank you for your words about the tragedy that happened in my Island.


  2. I really like these colors, and they look especially good on you Rebecca! I should try a vest one of these days. (thrifted of course!) I don't think I've worn one for 30 years! They are really "in" right now, aren't they!

  3. Great outfit!
    Great ornaments and I love the way you put together both!
    Love to you,


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