A simple outfit selected to show the newly thrifted silk scarf I bought yesterday. I am more and more comfortable with scarves and, to my surprise, am starting to feel quite "naked" without them!

Among the other things $4.50 bought yesterday:  a brand new Christmas candle shaped like a log, a bunch of unused red candles, three tiny (and I mean TINY) reindeer, a vintage Fisher Price airport sans accessories, a unique nickle-plated piggy bank, two blue and white cups/mugs (one Delfts), a small vintage pillow, and  a Holly Hobbie 1973 commemorative Christmas plate.  Actually, there were several other items in my basket, too!  Merry Christmas to me!
This scarf has many beautiful colors in it....My simple camera doesn't do them justice.
Here are a few of the other items I brought home with me for the unbelievable price of $4.50 plus tax.


  1. Wow, you scored well, the scarf is fabulous and so are your other finds!!

  2. Great trifting. Is that a tiny bottle brush tree that I see?


  3. Yes, Darla. Or at least a facsimile I actually had 2. Somehow in the unpacking, I lost one. I was bummed.

  4. The way you are wearing the scarf here is the "in" way, I was recently told...I love scarves but never quite feel at home in them.


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