Same Scarf ; Different Public

Off to see different people today, so I am wearing the same scarf I did yesterday....this time with a brown jacket, black velvet skirt, an orange knit top and a turquoise canvas belt that matches the turquoise, Christmas corsage!

Thrifted and gifted items combine to bring me cheer and satisfaction today.


  1. Turquoise, orange and brown is a combo I've never attempted but it looks super on you. It is always great to see how different colors can make the outfit.


  2. LOVE it!!!! The belt so well coordinate with the scarf with a great colour combo.
    Oh velvet.... so chic.
    You look really fantastic!
    May I say that I think you're evolving and improving your look?

    Hope you're having a peaceful and lovely Christmas time.


  3. Thank you, Seeker! Some days I think I AM evolving and improving and some days I feel very stuck!

  4. Oh, Rebecca, you look lovely in all these posts!
    I feel like I have to do something about myself! I just live in jeans lately, it's pathetic!

    I'm glad you are getting some use of the scarf, the color suits you!
    Love to you,

  5. Eileen, Yes, it DOES suit me! I'm very appreciative and think of you everytime I wear it! It is also warm.

  6. Oh my dear, feeling stuck it's something that happens to all of us. I've been in a fashion route, because it's cold and sometimes comfort is more important than style. But trying comfort and style sometimes it's not easy ;-)



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