Third Sunday in Advent

I'm wearing a red jacket over a dark green knit top with my newly thrifted Pendleton skirt - a black and white woven pattern (see it below) at a length I adore.  I thrifted the gray stockings, too!  I AM wearing a Christmas tree pin on my collar. Our Third Sunday in Advent 10:00 worship service will be preceded by a 9:00 cookie exchange.  My 6 layer bars are cut and arranged on a serving tray -- ready to go!

The two figures to the right are those missing when I thrifted a set of Nativity figures last year.  I was fortunate to find a shop that had the molds.  They poured them and I put the finish on them.  Now my set is complete and includes, not three, but SIX camels!


  1. Oh Rebecca, how wonderful you were able to complete the nativity set! That was great. WHy don't you snap a picture of the completed set? Congratulations. You are also lucky you are so slender! It's an added advantage of thrifting clothes. Have fun at the cookie exchange. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Hi there-thats such a great jacket and well done on completing your Nativity set!


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