Vintage Christmas Monday #4

Our youngest daughter made this wreath in school in 1987.  Her little hands were traced, the forms cut out, and assembled.  I  laminated it a few years later and it is one of my favorite decorations.

This stack of books in our Christmas cabin includes some vintage volumes.  The pictures are a joy to visit each year.

A vintage tin rests atop it...

The stack of Christmas issues of Ideals continues to grow.  I think a few copies would fall into the "vintage" category.

Though a 1990 publication, this book contains two vintage stories, one written in 1966 (my high school graduation year) and the other in 1973.  The entire Miss Read series is a delight to read.

I don't know the history of this horse but it looks vintage.  It joined our household when we found it waiting to be burned on a burn pile!  A minor repair brought it back to its current condition.

For a look at more wonderful vintage Christmas items, be sure to go to Anything Goes Here!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Nice Vintage Christmas books!
    Your daughter's wreath is even nicer :+)
    Have a sweet day ~

  2. Those vintage Christmas books are fun to look at. I have a few from the 1950s and scanned some pages for my "Vintage Thingies Thursday" posts the last couple of weeks.

  3. I love your collection of vintage Christmas books... one can never have too many of those treasures... Bisous... Julie Marie

  4. I'm so glad you rescured that horse! I can't imagine it being thrown out.
    The wreath your daughter made is priceless. Wonderful way to remember how little her hands were.

  5. Dear Rebecca....Oh, I LOVE Ideals. It always has great photos and poems. Love all Christmas books, too. At used book sales, I can never resist adding more to my library! Hope you have a good day! Sincerely, Susan from

  6. what lovely things! the horse is so beautiful, I can't believe someone would throw it out.

  7. The wreath is precious as I am sure your memories of your little girl are.


  8. Thank you for saving the darling horse! Also, your books are such wonderful reminders of times gone by.

  9. I love your vintage Christmas items. I remember the Ideals magazine. My mom had a few of those when I was a kid. I can't believe someone would throw out that rocking horse. We have one around here that someone gave us when my oldest was a toddler. It's so sturdy, I can't imagine ever getting rid of it.


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