The colors are pretty true on this close-up.  This is the Lands End knit dress that I bought this week from the 50 cent rack at a thrift store.  One of my "fashion goals" is to learn how to successfully layer my clothing, and I thought this would be a great piece to experiment with.

Today of all days, my phone-camera is not cooperating.  But I'm determined to post! I have chosen to wear this vest and a gold belt over it.  You won't be able to tell from the picture, but I'm also wearing green leg-wear that matches the dress color closely. As usual, everything has been thrifted....some earlier than others.


  1. Great outfit! I especially love the tartan vest, really dressed up the dress.

  2. Beautiful winter outfit, especially for this Blessed Season!
    Love to you,

  3. Great for winter! We're having low 60's temps right now so I'm in my all year temperate zone pants and top :-)


  4. That is a very nice outfit, Rebecca. Love the reds. Have a peaceful day! Sincerely, Susan from

  5. I enlarged the picture and was able to see what a cool belt you have!!! And the pin detail.
    The dress colour is fantastic to wear with your red plaid vest, because it's not too bright. Despite many people don't like red and green go so well in the right shades as you're wearing.
    A very nice look indeed, my dear.



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