Gray Suit for Gray Skies?

I've accessorized this 2 piece gray (Casual Corner) outfit that I bought yesterday at a thrift store for $1.50 with a scarf, some silver chains, a white Christmas tree pin, and a black and white jacket.
After seeing the total effect on screen, I might be changing the scarf -- or something!  Maybe it's the color?  Matching the sky today may not be such a good idea...                                         There.  That's SO much better! .                                               


  1. Very nice outfit, Rebecca. I like it with and without the red scarf. But I love splotches of color so I'd go with the scarf! Thanks for sharing. And oh! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Isn't it great hearing from readers? Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Hi Rebecca, I am in love with that touch of orange or is it red in your scarf. Casual Corner, my gosh I haven't thought about that store in ages. Are they still around?


  3. I like scarves but I have a hard time making them look right on me. I was informed by a classy younger friend that the "new" way to wear them is by doubling the length and then pulling it through the loop, rather than knotting it. It works for fabrics that have some texture, but for the silky ones it seems I'm always fiddling with it to keep it in place.
    Nice outfit you got there though!

  4. Hi there-I love the scarf with this outfit, it finishes it off perfectly!


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