This is what I wore today.  I shopped for ingredients for the cookie bars I made when I got home.  I will take them to the Christmas cookie exchange at church on Sunday.  After they were baked, a friend stopped by for a cup of tea and to show me pictures of the weddings of two of her children.  Later, my husband and I went out for our favorite pizza - Pizza Hut's Taco Pizza on thick crust.  We like it with sour cream and salsa.  Then we went to Borders to read today's newspapers and some current home decorating magazines.

All thrifted - long, black corduroy skirt, gray button-down top, red belt, Christmas tree pin.

Yesterday I cut off this long skirt and hemmed it. (I may have cut it too short.)  I kept the part I cut off and used it as a scarf.  It can also be used as a belt.  You can see I look a little skeptical.  I am 60 years old.  I don't want to look like I'm 30.  I worked too hard to arrive at this age!


  1. Hi Rebecca, is that a leopard print I see? Very bold of you and very thrifty of you to turn the excess material you cut off into a scarf. I love it!

    Merry Christmas, Bonnie

  2. Yes, BONNIE, it is leopard print. When I wore it before and took a picture in it, it was too long and showed too much leopard! Now I fear it is too short. I DO like the scarf and will definitely wear it again, even if I don't wear the skirt very often.

  3. I think the short skirt is great, you wear it well. Love the pop of red the belt makes on the other outfit.



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