Meeting a friend for coffee early this morning,
       some study,
                some rest.  (I'm trying to ward off a sore throat and chest cold....)
Brown jeans (thrifted)
Brown knit top (thrifted)
Brown & white scarf (thrifted)

I'll wear my black jacket with black velvet collar over this (with a Christmas tree pin on it, of course).  A little dark, I know.  That's how I like my coffee, too.

A few days ago, I found these two dogwood paintings at a local thrift store.  The Alexandra Stoddard "Book of Days" was also there - unused and full of delightfully inspiring statements.  There were a few other miscellaneous pieces included in this purchase, and my total bill was $2.14!


  1. Great outfit. Also like the goodies you found at the thrift store. I've gotten lots of inspiration from Alexandra Stoddard's books.


  2. Hello Rebecca....Oh, don't you just adore Alexandra? Do you know I have the Book of Days, too? And used it as my gratitude journal! The paintings are lovely, too, as well as your outfit! Good job and for so little money. Fabulous! Sincerely, Susan from


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