let there be books

This is a book I bought at the thrift store some time ago.  It's one of a few special books that I buy when I see them...I enjoy having extras to give away to those I think might enjoy them or who have expressed an interest in the topic.  I just started attending a discussion group that is studying Celebration of Discipline, so I pulled this second edition copy off my bookshelf to use.

We actually visited a thrift store this afternoon.  It's been months since I've been there!  Mainly I bought books.  Three children's Golden Books and a Field Guide to Birds.  Total spent: $1.10!
I'd picked up THIS book at the library earlier this morning.  Having visited a monastery last spring, I was curious when I saw this on the shelf of recent additions to our library.  I was happy to find some interesting, healthy, and relatively easy recipes.  I've noted several of the soup recipes that I hope to try.  The "soup" section began with this verse:
Soup as a main course,
Soup to begin the meal,
And when it is homemade,
It is soup to nourish the soul.  
-Julia Child, The French Chef Cookbook
This is a big roaster full of the Hearty Hamburger soup
I made earlier this week.  We had a  combined celebration of
a 64th wedding anniversary and 50th birthday.
I served it with an apple salad, crackers and cheese spread and Red Velvet Cake for dessert.


  1. Oh, I love the delicious recipes for soup in monastery cookbooks. I came across one that was just FULL of garlic.

  2. That soup looks delicious! I love making homemade soup!

  3. Oh, you have some good titles here! And it certainly is still soup weather. I love the process of making and cooking soup!Tay I made my own version of turkey chili, using cannnelli, black and kidney beans along with several kinds of tomoatoes---to clean the cabinets out.

    And thanks for all the comments on my own blog

  4. Mmmm, soup looks good,Rebecca. I used to go to a little restaurant that served cheeseburger soup and it was delicious. I could probably benefit from the "discipline" book...haven't been too disciplined lately and I feel the lack of it. Back to swimming and meal planning. Susan

  5. You always find such great things Rebecca!!!
    I'm almost a soup expert, lol, because usually our dinner is a soup with some crackers and fruit. Because I want to loose some fat and it isn't good for my husband's diabetes I've been done soups without potatoes. And all vegetarians, of course.....
    But that soup looks very good!!!

    On another note I want to thank you the nice comment you left me and that you also are in my thougts. I'm sorry you have to deal with that situation, I know, I've been there....
    Alzheimer's also brings dementia, and like I said here and here it's a "long goodbye"....

    Sending you much love with my prayers

  6. I'm especially liking the monastery cookbook now I've seen that it's meatless! xxx

  7. The soup looks wonderful!!!! I, too, enjoy looking for books at Thrift Shops!


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