I just KNEW if I let this shopping cart set out in view for awhile I'd come up with a grand idea for its use!  The idea came during the night...and this morning my husband cut out a piece of wood to fit the bottom.  It prevents the rolls of wrapping paper from falling through.
ALL the wrapping paper I own fits into this contraption which in turn fits perfectly into the back of our laundry closet.  The wheels make it easy to pull out when I need to use it.
A bag over the handle will store ribbons and bows.
It was another thrift store buy (as is a lot of the wrapping paper and wallpaper).

To my clothing fashion followers:  Please be patient.  Very soon, I'll be fitting back into my existing thrifted wardrobe.  At that time, I'll be a little more enthusiastic to post the clothing aspect of thrifty style.  Thanks for hanging in with me!


  1. What a nifty idea. Currently all my wrapping paper is on the very top shelf in the pantry and I can barely reach it even with a step ladder. The inconvenience leads me to buy more (bad, bad, bad).


  2. Ha Great Idea!! What a wonderful use for that cart. I need to do something similar ~Heather

  3. What a neat idea!! Please don't wait until you can "fit" into your clothes to post your thrifty style. I enjoy seeing how you pair things together!!

  4. That's cool, Rebecca. Isn't it great to think of other uses for our finds? Susan

  5. A fabulous solution to the wrapping paper conundrum. Now to find a vintage cart of my own...

  6. you two are so clever. this is such a fantastic idea...I LOVE it!

  7. Interesting idea Rebecca :)

    Hope all is well with you and loved ones,


  8. Hi my dear-a really good idea!! Wishing you a very Happy and Peaceful 2011 too xx


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