shock and awe

So excited was I this morning to find SOMETHING beside my black velvet skirt that still fit me that "SHOCK and AWE" are the only words to describe my reaction!
It was exciting enough to don the silver shoes to match the buttons (not so visible)
that run from top to bottom of this comfortable dress.
(Now if only I can find pantyhose that fit me, too!)
Yes, I'm going to church this morning.
In the background is a framed piece of needlepoint.
I loved it the minute I saw it in a thrift store.
It has lived with us for at least  8-10 years in two different houses.
 ...these will work...
 ...the jewelry...
I chose the stretchy bracelet because I'm playing the piano this morning.
It won't interfere, dangle, or fall off...
Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is thrifted.


  1. Good for you! To find things SO stylish and nice looking is an art and you look great! AND can play the piano too!! so talented!!

  2. Very nice, Rebecca. I love it, also, when something still fits. Susan

  3. Isn't it a wonderful feeling? You've captured your delight perfectly and you look fabulous.
    Love peeking at your home, your walls are such a pretty colour. xxx

  4. Rebecca, I love your posts - they often make me laugh as your writing is so humourous. Your 'new' frock is lovely and you will have looked very chic playing the piano.

  5. Hi my dear-you look lovely, your outfit is great and your expression is just so delightful! xx

  6. Ha! I often say the same thing when i go to my closet lol ~You look great~ Have a most blessed Sunday ~Love Heather

  7. You look stunning, I love the dress.


  8. Great dress Rebecca and the shoes really make a statement, you look very nice.


  9. Love the bling and you look stunning! Love your blog and became a follower as you were named in one of Sheila's best blogs for the year. I am also over a certain age--shall we say--and love to share my style with others too! Looking forward to having more conversations--Paula

  10. Hi Rebeca!
    Just dropping to say so much thank you for the poem. It really touched and moved me, tears came to my eyes. YOU are a very special person.
    Thank you for making a difference in my life!!!!
    All my friendship.....
    Big hug

  11. Know the feeling, though few and far between! lol. You look Marvelous Darling!
    Hugs, Sue


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