tying up loose ends

The skirt fits differently than last year at this time, but I'm happy for a little variety in my wardrobe.  I spent the morning "tying up loose ends" and placing some HEARTS in more prominent places around the house in preparation for company tomorrow evening.  It helps to fill in the gaps left when Christmas decorations went to the attic!

Two tins that sit year 'round in our living room with a third red plaid one...

The trusty belt (again), flannel skirt, black tee and animal print stockings.  
All "hearts" and accessories thrifted along with my entire outfit.


  1. Love the belt and funky tights are always welcome. Is that 'jewel box' decorated with enamel?

  2. jaljen - just a "tin"....I collect them :)

  3. Oh, the flannel is lightly colored but just the thought of flannel sounds warm! Nice.

    Tin? You collect ANY tin or do you have style, size, color you look for? I went tin nuts after Nabisco offered the animal cracker tins many years ago. A friend and I both started hoarding tins. A few years ago I HAD to let some (many) go when the teapots started crowding them.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog...Shingle Man actaully slept through last night!

  4. Bookie, I started out with blue & white tins - English made, preferably. A few have handles; a few have knobs on top. Then my eyes fell on a English-made chintz patterned tin in browns. Sooooo I started collecting some browns. I have another collection of turquoise tins in our bedroom and a few primarily black-patterned ones in our bathroom. All are similarly patterned; all were cheap :)

  5. I, too, have gotten out all my hearts...love to decorate for the season!
    Your flannel grey plaid is great!! Love it!

  6. What a wonderful way to welcome guests...with hearts. The flannel skirt sounds so comfy.

  7. The skirt looks great! I could use some variety in my "wardrobe" too...I love wearing skirts but I hate wearing pantyhose, so in the winter I usually resort to my trusty 4 pr of black slacks and try to change my tops as much as possible to add some color to my life!
    Thanks for the inspiration to get some "hearts" out over here...I especially like that one you have hanging on the doorknob...

  8. Loving the animal print stockings, Rebecca.
    Your house is so stylish but inviting and homely at the same time. Those discreet hearts are beautiful. xxx

  9. I love the skirt, you look great Rebecca! Happy New Year to you.

    xo, Bonnie

  10. Your heart theme is lovely! Those tins are so pretty.

    Great skirt - I love a windowpane check!

  11. I had never thought of making hearts to welcome guests, what a lovely idea.
    And you look fantastic with your stylish skirt.


  12. You have a nice collection of hearts going on. I always look forward to seeing what you are wearing and this outfit is particularly nice, looks both warm and comfortable.



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