much more than an apron

When I recently agreed to trade 2 used garden/nature books for "an apron", 
I had NO idea what I was about to receive.  
In fact, I had decided if I didn't LIKE the apron, I could begin a chain of "trading up"
until I had traded for my dream home
beside a lake in some moderate climate (wherever THAT may be)!
Imagine my EXTREME delight to receive THIS.  
Needless to say there will be NO "trading up"
and I will be sending another book or two to express my gratitude to MoBunny!
Just look at the detail on this apron!  Buttons, trim, and several stitch styles that I wasn't able to capture with the camera on my cell phone...
The apron was pressed smartly, and a wonderful scent wafted sweetly as I unfolded it. 
You can see the secret of the scent on her blog (link indicated above).
The fabric has weight to it and is just the right length for me as I frequently wear long skirts.  
This is MUCH more than an apron.  This is a fashion accessory.
I'm not sure I could bear to work in it. And I certainly won't part with it.
I couldn't be happier!
There was an "extra" tucked in the pocket.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  
A sweet, delicate crocheted "round".  It promptly found a place in one of my doll house bedrooms as a rug.  
It's PERFECT there.


  1. Wow, what a super lovely apron. I need to make an apron, but alas, I'm not even sure the little sewing machine I have works, I think it does, and I've not sewed on a machine in years and years.

    The apron looks lovely on you and the lady did an absolutely wonderful job.


  2. It's gorgeous and looks far to stylish to be a practical item. I love it. xxx

  3. Sorry you didn't get your dream just didn't work this time! The apron looks perfect on you!

  4. I'm going to visit her blog. Did she make this? I have been looking for a full-torso apron with rick rack for a photo hubby and I do annually. The pocket is important too.

  5. This is the cutest apron EVER! It is almost too pretty to wear as one. The details are precious. Too bad about the house, tho! Paula

  6. Terri, Yes, she made it! Isn't it amazing?

  7. Vix & Paula, Yes! It is too pretty to wear as an apron! I can't think of the word for an apron-like piece of clothing worn typically/traditionally in (is it) Holland or Switzerland - like Heidi?

  8. That really is a colorful and artistic apron, Rebecca. So glad you got a new dollhouse "rug," to. That's super. Susan

  9. Beyond beautiful! And perfect for your longer skirts. Hey girls, now she is going to announce a party so she can wear her new apron! LOL! Love it!

  10. Your apron is a work of art. I'd be wearing it everywhere. Seriously.

    Have to go check the blog link now.


  11. What a good treat .. what a good trade!


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