a cut above casual

 The $5.99 CUT...
(and dangly earrings and blue plaid bracelet)
The attempt at CASUAL
Knit pants, long white knit top, wool vest,
Everything from my closet, drawers or jewelry box and all thrifted
except for new fishnet trouser socks.
I got my inspiration from the French countryside!


  1. Hi my dear! Great hairstyle, it so suits you and a lovely casual chic outfit! Have a nice weekend too xx

  2. I love vests, I just *thrifted* a black one, but can't find anything to go with it yet. Black ought to be easy, right?

  3. Great hair, Rebecca! I love the dangly earrings and the cropped pants - very chic!

  4. Uh, oh. That new haircut is tempting me to do something very similar! It looks great!

  5. I like the look! I am so glad to know vests
    are back in style as I have so very many.
    This one is cute especially with that outfit.
    I had my hair that length a few years ago
    and am considering going that short again
    for Spring.

  6. nice hair cut! I need one too...wish I'd known about that sale! The outfit looks great on you too...wish I was as daring...I just keep wearing the same old three things!

  7. Sandy, I wouldn't say vests are in style just because I'm wearing one, LOL! But I guess some of those French countryside gals were wearing one....

  8. You are looking very French indeed. The layered look makes the outfit look mor current than tucking the white tee in I think. And you have the perfect haircut.


  9. No, actually I wasn't saying that. I have
    been reading about how this is the year
    of the vest. J Jill and Coldwater Creek
    have some really pretty ones in their
    stores and online.
    BTW are your ears pierced? You are
    finding some great funky earrings.

  10. You look so cute and I love your hair it is a wonderful style it suits you! I have often wanted to grow out my bangs I love how it looks maybe i will try ~Have a wonderful week :)~Love Heather


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