before and since (janie)

B.J. (Before Janie) I wasn't much into painted furniture.  But look at me NOW!
I had decided on painting this desk green when I remembered we had some paint that might work.  (I realize now that the paint was old - and we probably SHOULD discard all of our old paint. Still, it was a frugal and thrifty decision to use up what we had.)  My husband kindly and capably sanded, primed and painted yesterday, and this is the result.
B.J. (Before Janie), I would have been perturbed about the way the paint covered.  
But S.J. (Since Janie) I am embracing the imperfection and actually seeing the beauty in it.
The color goes quite well with the colors in this thrifted pillow
and the leaves in the rooster picture hanging above the desk.
It DOESN'T match the green in the chair seat covering as well as I'd hoped.
That's fine.  I'm happy.


  1. That green desk is one of the most beautiful pieces ever. Well done. xxx

  2. That looks great Rebecca.


  3. That looks wonderful (great shade of green), and I would have said that it matches the chair perfectly!

  4. Wow, Rebecca. That is a very unique colored desk! And the fact that YOU are happy makes all the difference in the world. We need to surround ourselves with things we love! Susan

  5. Great!!! Interesting I painted two pieces of my leaving room with a colour very similar... :-)

    Hope all is well with you, my dear and wish you a fantastic weekend.


  6. Hi there-what a gorgeous piece of furniture, such a pretty colour and the thrifted cushion is fabulous! Have a great weekend xx

  7. Oh I love the desk and the rooster picture and pillow!! Thats my kind of decorating.


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