"irresistible" is the only word for these three oil paintings
that I found at my favorite thrift store today.
Do they fit into my color scheme?  
But I have difficulty passing up floral oil paintings.
Do you find certain things "irresistible"?


  1. Sweet paintings Rebecca.


  2. Since Iris are my favorite flowers I would have been doing a happy dance if I had discovered those paintings. I find odds and ends of old china irresistible and goodness knows I don't need any more of it. Still...I keep telling myself I'm on a "rescue mission", LOL!


  3. wow there beautiful sometimes you can do something really special when you decorate with out being to matchy matchy...I am sure you will find a spot for them to show off there beauty ~enjoy your new treasure love Heather

  4. Oh, absolutely I find a LOT of irresistable things, Rebecca. I would find your painting "finds" irresistable, like you did. There's a doll in a thrift store window, all dressed in white, with a white bonnet, that I've been eyeing for weeks. Every day when I drive by, she's still there, so I'm thinking maybe that's a sign. I'd better go in there tomorrow and see if the price is irresistable. ha! Susan

  5. Right now, Matchbox cars and Hot Wheels are irresistible. Our three year old grandsons just love them. I have collected sooo many from the thrift store. So when they see me coming, they know what's in my bag. We ew and ah, then I take some back home to make room for the new found ones.

  6. I collect flower paintings too. I have several in a guest bedroom, and I am sure I am not done buying them!

  7. Books--totally iresistable. Birds--totally irestistable. Trying to think of another B word but I guess those are the only 2 things it's hard for me to resist.

  8. are you serious? these are oil paintings and not prints? Well of course they would be iris - istable!


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