A thrifted purse from a few years back hangs on the doorknob of one of the French doors between our kitchen/dining room and the library/music room.  I've carried it a few times, and our granddaughters enjoy playing with it when they come...
 I chose a v-neck shirt with gold belt and necklace accents today.

Yes, another black skirt!  This one -- leather/suede.
It fits like a glove!
"Gored" style--does anyone call it that anymore?

I'm a little bummed.  I tried for a picture of the new earrings
I received in the mail from Sandy today.  Just couldn't get it right.
I didn't realize she was a jewel-crafter!
These feature a lovely pearl with a diamond bead.
Unusually chic, Sandy!


  1. Hi Rebecca....I'd like to find a suede skirt. That's a nice material. FINALLY got back into the local indoor pool today. Did an hour of laps and an hour aqua aerobics class. WOW. It felt marvelous. Take care. Susan

  2. Hi my dear-you look great, this is a very chic outfit and the skirt is lovely!! A gorgeous bag too! xx

  3. That's one nice skirt. There's a lot of words I've considered bringing back into fashion, gored skirt and Petersham waistband being just two. Maybe we should start a revolution? xxx

  4. I love the look. Dropped over from down to earth. Greetings from Canada.B

  5. What a fantastic skirt! I love the "gores". I recently purchased a leather skirt in a thrift...after asking my husband what he thought, but I have yet to wear it out in public. You have just given me courage.

  6. Yes I do think they say gored....And I love a gored skirt I was going to make one they hang so nicely don't they.~ Cute purse and you look lovely as always ~You always looks so pulled together I always feel like a frump that is why I always say I am bohemian when I describe my style hehehe it is my way of explaining that mismatch thing I do with a scarf and dangle earrings on top lol. ~Have a Wonderful Weekend ~Love Heather

  7. Heather, I "feel" Bohemian inside. If you look at my sidebar, you'll see that the people I check out regularly fall into that category! I just can't carry it off for myself - no matter how hard I try -- it always comes out plain and "puled together".

    Oddly enough, I think our home/house is rather Bohemian...at least it's not so "pulled together"! That's for SURE.

  8. The skirt is great and gored skirts hang so nicely don't they? And bias cut skirts, bring those back too. And wrap style dresses while you are at it, LOL!



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