over the top

 These two...shelves my husband built over the top of two of our bedroom windows.

 These two...over the top of inexpensive bookshelves.  Also in our bedroom.

These two...over the top of the upstairs bathroom door and window 
on shelves constructed by my husband.
Almost EVERYTHING on these shelves and bookcases was found at thrift stores.
They are NOT my complete collection of decorative tins,
rose-patterned china pieces, globes, or turquoise-colored glassware.


  1. Hi there-very lovely pieces and a great inspirational way of showing them off too, clever hubby xx

  2. Hi Rebecca, Your lovely collections are, well, OVER THE TOP! Loved seeing them. Susan

  3. Your collections are awesome!!

  4. Rebecca, you were interested in the give away link posted on my blog. When you click on the picture it takes to a page that says the blog cannot be found. However if you click on the name of the blog in that sentence it will take you to this blog. I hopes that makes sense.

  5. Very very awesome! With my luck I'd slam the bathroom door too hard and break everything! I tried to read which "Idiot's" book you have by enlarging the photo but couldn't see...I'm curious! I have a number of them, because I feel like such an idiot sometimes I guess...especially when it comes to technology!

  6. How creative! Kudos to both you and your gifted husband.

  7. How pretty. We built shelves over Emily's windows when she was young. I put her china dolls, etc. up there.

    Love the hot chocolate pot.

  8. Your collections are great and your husband talented. I'd love to have the extra display room but since we live in Earthquake Country that kind of shelving doesn't work for me. I do risk it and put things on the mantel or on bookshelves tho.


  9. Wow that looks wonderful how you have everything displayed!! All your fabulous thrifty treasures no doubt. You have a lovely home ~Hope your having a Great Week ~Love Heather

  10. Hi Rebecca,
    didn't realize you had another blog. All your shelves are decorated so nicely, my fav is the one with the all the assorted china. They are all very pretty tho. Nice your hubby can make all those nice shelves for you.
    Great carpentry work there.
    Blessings, Nellie


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