the queen of all colors

A post on Vignette Design is where I found this Renoir quote:  "I've been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black."

Black IS queen in one of our bathrooms.  It just "happened" that way.

I picked up accessory pieces at thrift stores now and then, here and there...

Three black tins (part of my larger collection).
 An abstract painting, framed in black.
 A small stand with a refinished top, and painted base.
 A wicker fold up sewing cabinet, currently holding towels & husband's underwear
(so convenient after showering).
 A "found" chair--seat covered in a bark cloth vintage fabric and its frame painted black.
The sink base cabinet was the last item to be painted black. 
If black IS queen in our bathroom, I'm not sure WHAT is king!

Black is DEFINITELY king in my wardrobe
(just in case you haven't noticed)!


  1. Hi my dear-a wonderful collection here, I do love black with colour it is such a vibrant and lovely mix!! xx

  2. Hi Rebecca..I like black accessories in a bathroom. They even have black towels and rugs. Very classy. Susan

  3. I love black and grew up wearing lots of it because I could not afford much-black goes with everything. I still love the quiet statement of black.

    Your home must be a delight to live in or visit. Your picutres always look so comforting, calm, restful. Have a nice day....

  4. Black is such a wonderful staple isn't it. I love black as well. You have such a beautiful home ~and you look lovely as always. ~Love Heather

  5. What a beautiful bathroom! You really have a great eye for detail, Rebecca.

  6. It's a lovely bathroom. I'm loving the tins.

  7. love the wicker basket thing! what a great idea. I've been starting to add black accents hee and there in the form of wrought iron. Just little things that seem to make a "look" when pulled together!


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