parting is such sweet sorrow

In the past, my fascination with tables and chairs has known no bounds!  I redeemed many a stray from their thrift store existences.  This table is a prime example. For at least a year now, it found a temporary home in the garage/workshop where it experienced a bit of abuse as smaller items were placed on it to be repaired.  Finally, desperate to clear the space, its marred (and veneer) top was painted.  Hopefully it will find its way to a new home via Craig's List or an early spring garage sale.
These two chairs will be offered as its companions.  Lovely as they are, I have drawn the line with the thirty-five (or more) chairs I already have in our seven rooms.  I can't imagine changing any of them out with these two.  My loyalty level is too high. 
The thought of parting with them is painful.  Maybe painful enough that I won't be redeeming any more chairs or tables in the immediate future.  (Thanks to my wonder-worker husband for his careful and excellent repair and refurbishing of my "finds".)


  1. All three items are beauties. If I were closer I'd be stopping by to pick up those chairs. Someone will be happy to give them a home I'm sure.


  2. Yes...they are lovely.
    I seem to redeem tables & chairs also...
    I have some wooden chairs that need new upholstery work done on the seats. I need to get to the fabric store and decide on something.
    I have a daughter getting married in June...things like that can usually get me a little more motivated. 8-)
    Take care,
    Nancy aka Mommy 2
    I just found your blog yesterday...
    and love it already!

  3. Those chairs look like they have alot of personality. It would be hard for me to let them go, unless I knew they were going to a good home.Your blog is so interesting. Thank you.

  4. Ohhhhhhh, I'd hate to part with them, too, Rebecca. But just think of the ka-ching to buy other treasures! Susan

  5. I don't blame you for not wanting to part with those beautiful items!!

  6. Rebecca, I did not make the connection until just now. I am following you on your life and godliness blog too:)


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