i really like...

"Be faithful to your own taste
because nothing you really like
is ever out of style."  
(Billy Baldwin)
I really like these chairs. 
I have tried to remember when and where
I purchased them, but cannot.
What I DO remember is handing the vintage curtains
over to a friend who upholstered the chairs
and this ottoman...
Together with this small hooked rug they have occupied 
a room in the last three houses we've lived in.
They are very much "in style" as far as I'm concerned!


  1. The chairs and the ottoman are fabulous! Love the fabric you chose and the bones of the chairs. Timeless...

  2. I am swooning. I would fight you for these! haha

  3. Oh love them...I saw one like that chair the other day at the thrift store, but they still wanted $75 dollars and that was before I reupholstered it.

    These are just great and so lovely.

  4. Such beautiful pieces...they look like a tea pot and good book would fit well in their prescence.

  5. Janette - I'm SURE I didn't pay more than $5 for either chair (and I doubt if it was that much). You're right about the upholstering! It is VERY expensive.

  6. What timeless beauty. I love the vintage fabric you chose for the chairs and how wonderful to have a talented friend! I could feel quite pampered in a room like that. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Hi my dear-they are totally gorgeous and so timeless in style too, what treasured and lovely items you have!! Wishing you a good week ahead too xx

  8. I love the chair and ottoman, Rebecca. What a great friend to cover them like that. Very professional! Susan

  9. Great pieces and using the same vintage fabric on all of them really ties them together.


  10. Beautiful! A little funny story...I used to get so aggravated at my mother-in-law when she would tell me she couldn't remember where she had purchased something...I really shouldn't have let that upset me...because now I'm right there where she was!!! Getting old...um, older...has taken a toll on my brain cells!!! ;-) HOPE you have a great day, Ms. Rebekah!!!

  11. Very nice .. and to think you were able to reuse drapery fabric :)


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