some thrifty moves

Recently Janette asked, "What's a girl to do?"  Well, this is a PART of my answer.  A second-hand bicycle.  Almost vintage.  Custom painted a couple of years ago by my talented husband...
This morning I put two picturesque postcards into its basket along with some change ($.29@) and rode to the post office.  Postcards cost about 1/2 of a regular first class letter to send!  And aren't these pretty?

I wish there were more places within bike-riding distance.  I will never be a long distance rider, but as retirement decisions arise in the next few years, living within walking or riding distance of a library, grocery store, and church are definite issues to factor in!


  1. This is great...I can't get to anything on a bike, and I still can't figure out my gears on my bike, but I am learning.

    Oh I love your chair and your vintage bike. I think the Lord has some special ways for us all to be creative and also get in better shape. Our son rode an hour and ten minutes on his bike to church...saved us the gas!

    Enjoying this blog of yours...thanks!

  2. Our daughter got a new bike for Mother's Day. We live in a very rural area, so riding a bike is out of the question for me...but I think it's a wonderful idea and great exercise! HOPE you have a great day!

  3. Janette, NO gears for me ('course that's why I don't venture very far from home and stay on as flat of roads as I can)!!!

  4. Oh how cute purple is my favorite color~Great Bike!! I wish I could bike as well but out here in California and in the mountains where I live the roads are so steep you would have to be like training for the Tour de France to be able to ride on them lol!! ~Have a great bike ride...I am a little behind with my blogging that new pup is keeping me busy ~Hope this little note finds you doing well Have a Blessed week ~Love Heather

  5. did I just hear the "R" word??? Love your bike and your basket. I think I need to look into postcards as well! Is the basket permenently attached? I would be tempted to cut off the handle if that it has those flap lids!!!

  6. Yes. You heard the R word. (I've been R'd for quite awhile now...some day he'll be R'd & we'll be R'd together.)

    No, the basket is NOT permanently attached. I know it looks a little dorky with the handle, but you never know when I might find a more suitable basket and will want to carry THIS one somewhere :)

  7. Beautiful, my snail mail friend. Postcards delivered to the post office by vintage bicycle... YES!

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Annie those snail mail cards are beautiful! My bike has two flat tires right now!

  9. A nice looking bike and the basket doesn't look dorky! Think Toto rides again! I have a basket too but mine has no lid. I barely road last year and body so much worse now I might now be able to ride this year at all! I haven't tried yet. Our neighborhood has changed and not as good ridign streets right now. And I hate wearing a helmet.

    Thanks for the egg coddler comments. Hardly anyone knows how to use them I guess. Break your eggs into the cup, put on lid, set in boiling water to how you want your eggs. Use wooden spoon to lift out with the ring on the, salt, eat!! :)

  10. Great bike! My DH rides a bike everywhere and has for years. I'm too uncomfortable with the traffic even tho our city has bike lanes. If I could find a deal on one of those 3 wheelers I'd be tempted tho.


  11. It is a blessing to find you!

    I LOVE your bike and that you could ride to the post office and mail the lovely post cards. That is something I would love to do!

    I also love the simplicity quote on your other blog!

    Have a blessed day!

  12. Hi my dear-wow, I do love your bike, the colour and design are very nice indeed and just the sort of bike I would love when I eventually do get myself one again!! Thanks for your lovely comment and hope you have a great week too xxx


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