do you catch my drift?

I'm still here.  Trying to stretch the few pieces of thrift-store-bought clothes that currently fit me to suffice until I successfully transition back into the tons in my closet that DON'T fit me today! Here, a denim vest, light-colored denim skirt, bright top and colorful beads fashioned by a sweet child in our church.
I see a bit of elastic waistband showing here.
This is something I will avoid in the future.  
In my opinion it is NOT attractive 
and it makes it too easy to "drift" into sloppy habits
(if you catch my drift)!


  1. I SO understand your situation here! I fight the fight--and lose battle after battle...the only loss!

    As to the Centus on Saturday...pure fiction, but it was fun!

  2. Bookie, Somehow I KNEW that (about the Centus)!

  3. I think denim is a timeless look and you wear it well. I need to find skirts/pants that have elastic in another place... lower down, hahaha. When my weight fluctuates my waist seems to stay pretty much the same but a skirt like that won't pull down overy my hips.


  4. You look cute love the bright color of your tee...I bought some linen pants recently they do have an elastic band but they also have that flowy linen feel to them ...but I agree I do not like a sloppy look and sometimes that is what you get with elastic ~I hope this finds you having a nice day ~Love Heather

  5. I certainly understand your plight! I started a weight watchers diet this weekend......we'll see what happens!

  6. I love denim...and the color purple! Do they make purple denim?!?! ;-) You look great...don't be so hard on yourself!

  7. The necklace is my favorite part! It was free, and it was a gift of love. I took my girls thrifting today. We were hunting for sweatshirts for the coast. We'll be headed over for our annual Shield Of Faith conference this weekend and we're trying to be organized for the probability of rain!


    Blessings, Debbie

  8. I'm loving your T and of course you can't fail pairing it with denim.
    And I think you look great!!!

    Have a blessed time, my dear.


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