no-color hair color

After uploading this picture (and not a great one photography-wise), I wonder about my hair color -- or lack thereof.  Or maybe it is just the neutral colors of my Tee-Shirt that do nothing to bring out the color.   Hmmmmmmmmm.

I like dangly earrings

I've got some thinking to do. 
It's never bothered me before now.
If I WERE to color it,
I'm not sure what color I'd choose.
As I recall,
my grandmother chose BLUE.
(Does anyone remember the  results when women
used to try to brighten their grey-
-or at least I GUESS that's what they were doing?!?!)


  1. Hi: I, too, am gray - actually more platinum and I have to be careful to get some colour near my face. I can look washed out with light greys and like you add colour in earrings, necklace or scarf. I am 70 and swim three times a week, so I have no desire to colour my hair. I am also a bit lazy, as I just could not see myself having to go to have it coloured every few weeks. Have a great day and enjoy your beautiful hair. Peg

  2. Actaully, I think your hair is pretty becasue is grayed nicely. Mine own was so splotty at temples it looked terrble.I color all for a while longer. Ask your hair cutter to advise on color for you...they help!

  3. I think your hair looks lovely. My hair is long, just about to my waist, and mostly silver these days. Wearing washed out colors doesn't do me any good as to how I look or feel. I like the aqua/greens, darker blues, black, purples, either in solids, or in floral prints. I then wear colorful earrings too. I wear either longish black, brown, green, blue, skirts, slack or jeans.

    I used to color my hair but got tired of having it grow out so fast, and did not like the 'cooking' feeling on my head as I waited for the process to be over with.

    I do miss my brunette color, but I've accepted and even like my silver tresses. Coloring my hair does not change the texture of my skin all over my body. I'm no longer young and I am trying to grow older gracefully.

    Love and hugs to you dear Rebecca, whatever you decide to do.


  4. Your hair is beautiful. Try more colorful clothes and also a touch of color on your lips. But don't touch that gorgeous hair. - Middlechild.

  5. Gray IS a color! Your hair is beautiful and shiny. Haven't you had days like this when your hair was dark? I like the t-shirt, but also would add a bit of lipstick.
    I'm an transitioned 62 too and never looked back.
    Found two lipsticks who work great: Bobbi Brown's lip color "Tulle" and, for a more dramatic effect "Pink".
    I love your wonderful blog!
    Barbara from Munich in Bavaria.

  6. Oh, EVERYBODY! I've never WANTED to color my hair before. There was just something about the picture (once I saw myself) that made me wonder.

    I wonder no more. Especially thanks to the 2 Anonymouses who I can't respond to as I can the others. I think lipstick IS a good answer! I just get lazy (AND haven't found one that stays on my lips)...

    I don't plan to color it - for all the reasons you said above!

  7. I'm late with commenting, Rebecca, but I agree with the others. Your hair is beautiful and definitely doesn't need colouring. Try a bright rose pink lipstick and pencilling in your brows with a mid-brown and you'll be amazed by the results. xxx

  8. Well .. I can't view the picture on my laptop .. but I know you have lovely silver gray hair! So before you go messing with it .. why not just toss out any clothes that make it look lifeless :0) Keep it shining with silver .. BTW .. I use a purple tinted shampoo that brightens up my hair without leaving it purple or blue :)

  9. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading about coloring your hair. I love beautiful silver grey hair! (Of course, I'm the one who says I will never know if/how grey my hair is!)

  10. Your hair looks lovely. Maybe try something like red earrings when wearing a grayish top?

    BLue hair? Yes, my GGM had blue hair. She also used "Bluing" in her laundry. I used to see that bottle of bluing - I think it was Aunt Marths's or Martha Washingtons or someting. I used to think she used that on her hair too. Maybe she did, hahaha.


  11. Your hair is gorgeous. :-) I was prepared to embrace and enjoy my now graying hair by the words of a wise former pastor (John Piper): 'Color my hair?? Why would I want to look ten years dumber?!' Makes me smile every time.

    And, my two cents worth: Hardly anyone looks bright and rosy in beigey neutrals and mixed warms--maybe golden sun-children. maybe... I do like those colors, but choose to look *at* them rather than *in* them. fwiw.

  12. love your gray. I worry about going gray from red. It seems redheads always turn pink. It is my fave color but not for hair!

  13. Oh, I do remember blue hair...and purple!! My hair is gray, too....and I'm really glad that you decided against coloring yours. I think yours looks

    Proverbs 16:3-Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.

  14. Your hair is a pretty color...I think the cut is more important than the color...(and your style is GREAT) I have trouble taking time to keep mine "fresh cut"... But I guess I'm in the minority in that I'm just not ready to be gray. Neither is my mom, who is 82! We transitioned her from brown to "blondish" which is softer for her age without being gray. It costs us about $5 each every 6 weeks weeks to color each other's hair. Being as she is legally blind, I still have enough gray in there to keep me honest I guess! I say if you feel like trying color, do it. If not, just keep wearing colors that flatter your hair color, and keep the cut youthful looking like it is!

  15. As for my humble opinion... I say leave it as it is, and go with the colorful lipsticks, tops, earrings, etc. I've colored my hair for a few years, have about 1/3 gray, and I'm going back to my 'natural' hair color a dark brown, and then see how things go. I really want to stop coloring, but don't think I can at this point. I am 57 and the goal is to stop coloring by 60. I also think a short, snazzy cut is important to looking 'young'--although I don't want to fight aging!


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