mother's day ephemera

I guess in the technical sense of the word these aren't ephemera.
I DO like the word though. 
I have a small collections of these.  
All were bought in thrift stores.  
I'm just drawn to them and can't tell you why.
For what I REALLY think about Mother's Day, 
you can read my reflections on my "main" blog.
I'll warn you though--it's complicated!


  1. I too can't resist a beautiful old tribute to mothers! I'll go check out your thoughts right now.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. am in motel after being with adult son and wild 2 year old and new's complicated says it all for now. Thanks for your timely words!!! I guess we all feel some guilt but Maya Angelou says it best...we all do better when we know better! Happy Mother's Day until I can get home for longer thoughts....

  3. Those are beautiful ~Happy Mother's Day ~Love Heather

  4. Such beautiful pieces!!!!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


  5. Lovely little pieces. My further comments are on your other blog spot.


  6. Hi my dear-hope you had a lovely Mothers Day and such a nice post too, very special pieces here xx

  7. Enjoyed the tributes to Mothers. I just found your blog through "Ephemera".. I am almost 71 years young and try to dress stylish. There is a fine line between 'dowdy and tartish'. Will now follow your blog with interest, as I love to thrift too! Peg on Vancouver Island

  8. I collect these too and I have the top one. I love them. We are so much alike!

  9. I like that you know what "ephemera" really means. :)

  10. I love this collection. It's beautiful! Thanks for inspiring me every time I stop by your blogs.
    Thanks for the prayers for my daughter while she was away. I know you know my heart, since your daughter is a world traveler too! lol.
    Hugs to you today,


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