2 x 1/2 table = 2 desks

Today I painted the back two legs of this 25"x 42" repurposed vintage table.  They were "married" to the original two legs and 1/2 the top of a vintage dining room table.  Designed to set against a wall, this desk will well suit the student, crafter, or writer.
Plenty of room on top to spread out papers and books!
A "fraternal twin" to it sits on our sun porch.  It differs in that it incorporates the original middle legs as the back legs of the new desk.
The original table proved too bulky for our dining area.
Now we have a desk to use and one to share or sell!


  1. This is very nice, Rebecca. You do so many great things!

    I saw an idea I bet you would like. It is a fountain made from old galvanized buckets. Ah, we are considering giving it a try...

  2. That sounds "up my alley", Bookie! (Although if it involves a pump & electricity, I'd probably pass on it.)

  3. That is a fabulous idea, Rebecca. You've inspired me as I have a collection of mismatched table legs to use. Thank you. xxx

  4. What an unusual and interesting way to repurpose a table. Job well done!


    PS: Blogger is making me anonymous today for some reason.

  5. What a fabulous idea! I purchased 12 hunky, gorgeous table legs at an estate sale last year for $10.00 for the lot of them! Now I'm thinkin'...

    Blessings, Debbie

  6. I see why it sold! I love anything black and white and your table is no exception! It's lovely and I see it with a cute B&W table cloth on it! Black chair would be perfect with it too!!

  7. Hi my dear-well done, a very quick sale and its a gorgeous look too x


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