thrifty & nifty!

Early this morning, I divided some of my perennials, loaded them in my lady-size wheelbarrow (found at a garage sale, if I remember correctly), and drove to share them with a friend.  We got them planted before the shower.  If purchased in a nursery, these plants would have cost anywhere from $50-$75 dollars.  What a great way to save!
 Last week, this friend shared rhubarb from her garden with me.  When I got home this morning, I pulled out a recipe from another friend, stuck the card in a flower frog (thrifted), and went to work baking these rhubarb brownies!  Can't wait to eat one!
I tasted them!  DELICIOUS!
I don't garden myself, but gratefully accept garden produce 
and try to incorporate it into our menu.  
Nothing as thrifty & nifty & TASTY as home-grown and home-baked!


  1. I have never in my lifetime heard of rhubarb brownies!! I learn something new every day!!

  2. I'd be dizzy with delight if a friend gave me rhubarb. I love it and it is quite pricy in our local produce markets so I only treat myself about twice a spring. Once for a strawberry rhubarb pie and once to just stew up the rhubarb. Let me know if the brownies need to go on my list of "must haves".


  3. Hi Rebecca...I know about rhubarb pie and strawberry rhubarb pie, but, like Susan, have never heard of rhubarb brownies. They look good though. Susan

  4. Oh how wonderful!! I am reading a book it is a historical fiction and takes place during the 1800's and they brought clippings with them to plant when they get to their homestead. It makes me think of when they did not have a local nursery!! Enjoy your brownies Love Heather

  5. Please share your recipe for the brownies...they look yummy!!!

  6. Deb, I'm SO sorry that I can't access your blog by clicking on your picture here. (And for the life of me, I can't remember its name.) Anyway,
    if you'll click on the recipe card, that picture will enlarge, and I think you can read the recipe.

    They really are wonderful!

  7. Hi there-your brownies look delicious!! Hope you're having a great week too xx

  8. I love your lady sized wheelbarrow. How generous was your gift of plants! I wish I was your neighbor.

    Blessings, Debbie


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